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Shellshock Bug

By Jay Alvarez on 26 September 2014

Aptivate are working hard to patch the vulnerability created by the Shellshock bug which has been widely reported on this morning.

You may have seen media stories this morning about a vulnerability (named 'Shellshock') that has been discovered in the Bash component of the Linux operating system. We would like to let you know what we at Aptivate are doing to address this vulnerability.

We are installing the latest security patches today - normally we do this every Tuesday. 

We are monitoring the latest advice so that we can make appropriate changes to our systems, if required.

We are investigating whether the vulnerability affects our systems and the applications we host. Our initial assessment is that, while we do use the effected software, the vulnerability will not directly affect applications that we host for our customers. 

We are monitoring the situation and will provide further updates as appropriate.

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