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Entries for March 2013

Django admin with AJAX autocomplete

I just ran into the fairly well-known problem where the Django Admin interface loads very slowly when you edit a record, that has a foreign key, to a big table (thousands of rows), because Django constructs thousands of objects to populate the dropdown lists. I tried out django-ajax-selects and it worked excellently to solve the problem and improve the user experience.

By Chris Wilson on 13 March 2013

Antivirus software recommendations

Antivirus software is always a contentious question. It seems that there are no right answers: nothing detects all viruses, and everything has an impact on the speed of the computers where it's installed. And there's a tradeoff between these two. My own subjective, biased choices are F-Secure, AVG at a push, and definitely not Kaspersky. Here's why, and some data to help you choose one for yourself.

By Chris Wilson on 11 March 2013