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Exploring mHealth with IPPF

Last year we teamed up with the International Planned Parenthood Federation and London school of Hygiene and tropical medicine to launch their 3 year innovation project

By Elly Boulboul on 02 February 2016

Making grant data visible with Indigo Trust

We are working with Indigo trust exploring data which gives insight into who has been funding who. This project is called 360 giving and It’s a 5 year project with an ‘ambition for open philanthropy in the UK’. Its still got a way to go but they have already created a new data standard.

By Elly Boulboul on 01 May 2014

Balsamiq have donated their software to us

Balsamiq is a great tool for making mockups. I have been using it for a couple of years and find it great for quickly getting rough ideas down and communicating layouts with the rest of the team and with clients.

By Elly Boulboul on 11 February 2014

Mexican! our new favourite for lunch

Alan has got us hooked on his Mexican delights! Were always looking for new lunch ideas and our latest craze consits of Nachos, refried beans, chilli and burritos! Here's how we manage to make them in our humble kitchen with only a rice cooker and a microwave.

By Elly Boulboul on 15 January 2014