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Building TradeMapper

The TradeMapper hack day is coming up! Here is the story of how we worked with TRAFFIC and WWF-UK to build a visualisation tool for trade-flow data.

By Mark Skipper on 23 October 2014

This is TradeMapper

Our new browser-based mapping tool for visualising international trade flows, developed for TRAFFIC and WWF to work with data about trade in wildlife.

By Mark Skipper on 22 September 2014

Code Kitchen: Refactoring Django views

We, at Aptivate, love openness, participation and learning. We're also into International Development and, often, we write software. Code Kitchen is a new idea to help us learn to ...

By Mark Skipper on 25 September 2010

Ubuntu in Zambia

Ubuntu in Zambia was the title of my talk at OggCamp10: I described  our recent work using Ubuntu based low-power computers for training in rural Zambia.Telling this story to ...

By Mark Skipper on 07 May 2010

Mark Skipper joins the team

Today we're celebrating Mark Skipper's first day with Aptivate. In fact Dr Skipper has been working with us for over a year now, as a volunteer and as ...

By Mark Skipper on 04 May 2010