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Entries for March 2010

Writing Database Migrations

Describes how to develop and implement schema and data changes in Java applications backed by SQL databases, using version control and Migrate4J.

By Chris Wilson on 30 March 2010

R&D: Robots and Development

The Samfya Resource Centre is a telecentre (Internet cafe) run by young women in Samfya, Zambia for other local young women - a component of Camfed's "CAMA" network. As part of our ongoing support for the Samfya Resource Centre, we have sent them robots.

By Alan Jackson on 16 March 2010

SSH Port Forwarding

SSH port forwarding is not hard to do, once you get your head around how it actually works. It's not like a VPN and it's not magic. It's quite like a proxy server.

By Chris Wilson on 10 March 2010