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New CKAN extensions for MapAction

Tom Daley is currently in Madrid at the International Open Data Conference and the CKANCon pre-event. Tom was part of the team that developed four new generic CKAN extensions for MapAction's Maps and Data Repository.

By Martin Burchell on 04 October 2016

TradeMapper hackday

Saturday 8th November was TradeMapperHacker day. A diverse group of people got together to see if they could help make TradeMapper better.

By Sam Armstrong on 19 November 2014

Balsamiq have donated their software to us

Balsamiq is a great tool for making mockups. I have been using it for a couple of years and find it great for quickly getting rough ideas down and communicating layouts with the rest of the team and with clients.

By Elly Boulboul on 11 February 2014

Rough Guide to rural data collection with ODK

This post has three purposes, which I think overlap sufficiently to combine them: A User Guide for the system that we developed for UNICEF, IDS and RuralNet Zambia; A Developers' Guide for anyone wishing to build something similar, and...

By Chris Wilson on 05 December 2011