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Making grant data visible with Indigo Trust

By Elly Boulboul on 01 May 2014

We are working with Indigo trust exploring data that gives insight into who has been funding whom. The project, called 360 Giving, is a 5 year project with an ‘ambition for open philanthropy in the UK’. It is currently in the early stages:

We're continuing this initial work by road-testing the data format:

  • we've been re-formatting the available data according to the draft-standard
  • and analysing, and visualizing the resulting data sets.

Besides helping to polish the draft-standard, we hope to demonstrate the benefits of publishing open funding data, and to get buy in from funding bodies. We suspect that these organizations might see publishing their data as a costly and complex chore, rather than as a liberating way to benefit from the insights available when there is data from accross the phhilanthropic sector.

To address these issues, we're working with Tim Davies to make the data-standard easy to use (like publishing a spreadsheet). And we're planning to:

  • publish our stories of converting the data, together with the scripts we used.
  • do some basic analysis of the resulting cross-funder data to demonstrate cross-cutting insights
  • visualize the results and tell the stories to point the way to more useful ways this open data can be used to improve grant-making effectiveness.

We think this will help funders choose to participate in an open-philanthropy-data community.