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Making Agile more participatory, Aberdeen, May 22nd 2014

By Matt Haikin on 15 April 2014

Come and help Aptivate (a small not-for-profit Web development company), and a group of practitioners, academics and researchers explore making Agile more participatory and better suited for an International Development context.

Aptivate have been using Agile methodologies to develop ICT and software for, and with, the International Development community for over 10 years. Academic thinkers have been exploring and researching what the Development sector can learn from commercial Agile techniques for almost as long.

On Thursday May 22nd, Aptivate and a small group of developers exploring using Agile in the Cloud for developing countries, will get together with academic thinkers from a range of disciplines to put our minds and practices together and explore some of the key issues facing transferring Agile out of the developed world and the commercial sector, and into a world of low bandwidth, poor Internet connectivity, power imbalances, NGOs, donors and governments.

We will explore and hopefully better understand the effect of crucial issues related to participation and empowerment on adapting traditional Agile methods to this very different environment.

We would love to get others (particularly other practitioners working in the sector) involved to help us explore these issues; so whether you are using Agile in a different or more commercial context, or building ICT solutions in an International Development setting but using non-Agile methods, or just have an interest and something to say on the matter, please join us. The session will be fun, engaging, interactive and a great opportunity for networking and thinking and learning.

The workshop will be on the afternoon of Thursday 22nd May. It is as part of a wider IFIP Workshop exploring iterative and incremental approaches to ICT for Development, from 22-23rd May at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen. Come for our session on the Thursday or stay and take part in both days.

If you would like to take part, please register and then email to let us know you'll be there so we can co-ordinate with you.