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The bond event winner is... Mango

By Elly Boulboul on 10 December 2013

At Bond's annual conference  in November we invited visitors to enter our competition to win a Loband website review. The winner has been drawn and the prize goes to Mango , a UK based charity who help NGO’s strengthen their financial management and accountability. The picture shows our neighbour Wendy, from Arka Funerals , randomly selecting the winning business card.

Watch this space to find out how a day with one of our loband experts makes makes a difference for Mango . They are already working on a new website so we currently discussing with them how we can best spend the time.

You can check how good your website’s bandwidth is by visiting our online tool Loband-Zambia . Enter your website address to find out how fast it would load in Zambia and how big the page file size is. You can also see a preview of what your website looks like on a mobile device.