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Facilitation Camp

By Alan Jackson on 16 August 2010

Aptivate is partnering with DecisionLab, LondonCreativeLabs, FutureInFocus and Reos Partners to put on  The World's 1st FacilitationCamp.

FacilitationCamp is on Friday 20th and Saturday 21st of August. Book a place now, while there are still places left.

In Aptivate we have come to understand that facilitation and participation are key ingredients for any successful I.T. project. The benefits can run the other way too - I.T. can facilitate a community to participate in decisions that affect them. We are very interested in seeing communities in developing countries benefit from I.T. in that way.

We are very excited to be part of FacilitationCamp. Facilitating decision making, conflict resolution and building consensus are core skills we use every day. We are eager to share our experiences and learn from other in this important area.