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CrisisCamp Cambridge - #PakFloods

By Alan Jackson on 13 August 2010

The next CrisisCamp work day in the UK is in Cambridge at Aptivate's offices in the Humanitarian Centre.

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CrisisCamp is a movement of volunteers, many are technologists and IT professionals, that have come together in a number of cities around the world in support of relief efforts around the world. The initial CrisisCamps were in response to the earthquake in Haiti in January 2010. Since then over 2000 volunteers in nearly 20 cities have come together to volunteer their time and skills.  Aptivate is continuing its support for CrisisCamps by hosting the next camp, on 14th August 2010, in our offices in Cambridge, supported by the Humanitarian Centre.  The focus of this camp will be to support the start up of a CrisisCamp in Pakistan in response to the recent floods.

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