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Web Optimisation: Google Page Speed

By tariq on 05 June 2009

Bandwidth management and optimisation (BMO) is one of Aptivate's strategic areas.

Optimising websites is a key ingredient.

Google Page Speed in Firefox

Google just introduced Page Speed which looks like it could be a useful tool. Much like Yahoo's YSlow it sits on top of Firebug and tells you when you've done something naughty.

Aptivate publish web design guidelines targeted at authors developing content for audiences on low bandwidth connections. Google also publish a set of best practices for web performance.

This is interesting - we were motivated to write the guidelines because users in developing countries have a hard time accessing poorly optimised content. Google are motivated to write similar guidelines because they recognise that speed should be a commerical concern.

I think there's a broadly shared goal that ultimately means good things for those on slower connections.

A quick aside on BMO:

Chris and Martin worked with KENET - The Kenya Education Network Trust, running bandwidth management workshops for network administrators in Kenya, in June 2009.

We've posted an overview of the workshop and resources we're using on our OER Wiki.