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Bond - Impact Builder

A web-based application (based on Drupal) to help small NGOs find monitoring and evaluation tools
(3 iterations)

Oct 2012 to Nov 2012



We have been working with the lovely people at the Bond Effectiveness Programme to implement a web-based version of their Impact Builder. This application provides a simple pathway for NGOs who aren't monitoring and evaluation experts to decide which indicators and data collection tools are appropriate for the their sector and approach.



All the tools in the framework have been developed, tried and tested by larger organisations like ActionAid and CARE. We hope this will allow smaller groups to benefit from the experience and resources of the big players.  

Colin Nee, acting Head of the Bond Effectiveness Programme at the time of the project, had this to say about Aptivate's work:

Aptivate's support and overall project management were faultless and went way beyond the call of duty. This was a complex, interactive online application intended to help international NGOs to capture and demonstrate the impact of their work - no mean feat!

The Aptivate team invested heavily in helping us visualise how to make a huge amount of technical information accessible, and always kept the needs of site visitors to the fore. Their project management support was reliable, intelligent, courteous and patient throughout I have no hesitation in recommending them.



We did an upfront discovery day with Bond, sketching out interface designs on a white board and creating personas to represent the people who will be using Impact Builder. We did two agile iterations of software development in Drupal. After some user-testing, a third iteration is planned, to address any concerns raised by users.



Bond use Drupal for all their web infrastructure and the Impact Builder application is built to fit in with that.

The application is at its heart a multi-step questionnaire form using core taxonomy hierarchy with a gracefully degrading JavaScript user interface to select a customised term page. Delivered to be integrated into the existing system as a Feature and a Migrate script package.