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Climate Tagger WordPress Plugin

By Martin Burchell on 17 June 2015

The second of the three open source WordPress plugins we developed for the Climate and Development Knowledge Network website uses the Climate Tagger API to suggest tags relevant to the climate and development sector.

With websites such as CDKN's, with many contributors based around the world, it is easy for the number of tags used to categorise content to become unwieldy. Tag suggestion services such as the Climate Tagger API ensure that content is classified in a consistent way. This ultimately helps the end-user find the resources they are looking for.

The Climate Tagger API is a free service for registered users and has been helping knowledge-driven web sites better catalogue, categorize, contextualize and connect their data with that from the broader climate knowledge community since 2011. The Climate Tagger is backed by an expansive Climate Compatible Development Thesaurus, developed by experts in multiple fields and continuously updated to remain current.

With the plugin installed, when editing a post, a list of suggested tags appears in a word cloud, with the most relevant terms appearing larger. Clicking on a tag adds it to the list of tags for a post.

You can download the plugin from WordPress or get the latest version from GitHub.