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AfNOG 2011, Part 2

By Chris Wilson on 30 May 2011

People sitting at computers in a lecture

AfNOG boot camp was absolutely massive this year. I think they had 75 people when they were only expecting 40. They took over half our classroom as well, which made setup tricky as we had to work around people and ask them to move repeatedly, and we couldn't get all of our tables in to cable them up.

It was followed by the obligatory welcome dinner, at the White Sands' outdoor restaurant, with the requisite number of speeches and applauses.

Today we had the first day of Scalable Services. Desktop installation hadn't gone too well. My attempt to respin with fixes, wiping the unused space after the imaged partition, failed badly and resulted in a corrupted image, so we had to reimage those boxes.

People sitting around dinner tables in front of a stage on the beach

Luckily it seems that everyone brought laptops, so the PCs aren't really needed. And the virtual machines seem to be working well so far. We haven't yet had to compile any software on the virtual machines, and I hope it won't be too slow when we do. We're using 34 out of the 35 virtual machines that we created.

Tomorrow is my first session, a 1 hour practical on virtualisation, installing VirtualBox and FreeBSD, after Joel's theory session.