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Aptivate Speaking at Africa Gathering, London

By Alan Jackson on 22 June 2010

africa gathering logoI (Alan) am going to be talking at Africa Gathering London about the reciprocal relationships between participation and IT.

Here's the synopsis... (although Africa Gathering has previously been described as an "unconference" so I may be tempted to slip into a bit of "unpresentation" if the situation warrants it).

The reciprocal relationship between ICTs and Participation

Over the last few decades of software engineering there is a rising tide of emphasis on the value of participation. The growth of the "Agile" software methodologies is a good example. The finding, which really shouldn't be that surprising, is that participation makes better software. Participation with the client, with the users with the stakeholders etc.

Seven years ago, at the start of Aptivate, that's how we saw participation. As a means to creating better software. Over the last year we have seen that relationship reverse. IT is a means for better participation. It's not just that new technologies like web 2.0 enable people to collaborate. Engaging in software projects themselves are excellent excuses for participation and human development. Finally, the dog is wagging the tail again and not the other way round.

Africa Gathering will be in London on the 2nd and 3rd of July. Get your tickets now while there's still some left! For more information see the Africa Gathering site.