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The Digital Agency for International Development

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Are you passionate about improving people’s lives through technology? We are always keen to discuss working with people who are passionate about using their IT skills for the benefit of society, at home and internationally.

Currently hiring

We are not actively recruiting but if what you're reading here interests you then we're always up for a chat, or a shared lunch in our Cambridge or Brighton offices! We like meeting people. Feel free to get in touch.

Why work at Aptivate? 

We care about having a positive social impact, and we believe that IT can do a lot to empower, inform and connect people all over the world. We have strong ideas about what makes work great and people around us happy. Check our Featured Projects to read about some of the cool work we've done and the kinds of NGOs and other International Development organisations we've worked with.  So how do you know if you would enjoy working with us? On the whole we:

  • Like to use IT for the benefit of society
  • Make high quality, useful, open source software
  • Have organisational integrity
  • Create a great and playful working environment
  • Actively participate in a small, supportive teams, where everyone has equal responsibility for making things happen

If you share these values too then chances are we're a good match.

What is it like working at Aptivate?

None of us just do one thing – we all wear many hats. The more of the following activities you would be able to take part in, the better:

  • Facilitation and Training
  • Proposal writing
  • Network administration
  • Coding
  • Web design and usability
  • Office admin and automation
  • Public speaking
  • Blogging about our work
  • Project management
  • Running demos for clients

We seek to hire people who can demonstrate that they are good at learning and like working as part of a dynamic and close-knit team. Everyone participates in decision making processes within the organisation including strategic and management meetings.

Can I volunteer with Aptivate?

Aptivate has a long history of working with volunteers, in fact it's how many of our paid staff first started working with the organisation. Unfortunately we're not in a position to support volunteers right at the moment but do keep watching this space!